5 Steps To Researching a Stock Trade Before Investing


After getting to know what’s hot in demand in the economy business cycle, the next in action is to commence research to discover the perfect business to invest your money. It is not ideal to just dive into the market and start investing; it is advisable to have a collection of data that will guide you before each investment.

These are 5 steps To Researching a Stock Trade Before Investing.

how to start trading stocks

1-  Finding stock

Finding a stock is the most tedious part when it comes to stock trading.

With nothing less than 10,000 stocks available to invest in, it can be a herculean task to pick the best among all. Whether you are in for short-term or long-term investment, consider stocks that have a future and excellent past achievement.

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2-   Fundamental Analysis

A lot of traders in for short-term may not endorse this, but running a background check on the past and present of stock is very important. It does not only get you informed, but it also places you in a better position to make the right decision before investing. A perfect example for this is earning season. Every stock has its earnings season, if you run your analysis well you will know the season to invest and when not to.

3-   Technical Analysis

After running your fundamental analysis the next is technical analysis, and it’s this segment that the indicators set in. There are different indicators which include leading and lagging, whichever you choose has to do with where you got educated. Examples of indicators are RCI, volume, support levels, the MACD, resistance levels, CCI, and much more. In the beginning, it’s advisable to use at least one or two indicators because using many at a time brings nothing but losses. Using few allows you understand them in depth and also make you a better trader.

4-  Keep eye on your picks

After making some stock trades, keep your eye on them and manage them very well. If the trades are short-term keep your eye on them to know when to pull out. And if they happen to be long-term trades ensure you run checkups either weekly or monthly.

Always make sure you keep yourself updated with what’s trending such as prices, losses, new arrivals and the new ones you are targeting to invest on.

5-   The big picture

Knowing the sectors that are trending or hot in demand is advantageous to you. For instance, you forecast a particular sector will heat up and it happens; this simply means you see the big picture and it places you on the right side of trading.

There are a lot of trading platforms out there ready to grant you access to get yourself informed with the information you need about stock trading.

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